Montag, 6. April 2009

Nintendo DSi - Acekard and R4i - play games with european languages

I've found a trick to play games in your favorite language on your DSi with Acekard or R4i. Acekard and R4i only work if you set the system language of your DSi to english but then all games without language selection are in english.
Here is the solution how to play these games in your favorite language.

I used the Acekard Firmware on the R4i, because the R4i Cheat system doesn't work for me.
I hope my ordered Acekard2i will reach me soon because the R4i is @!$%&# ;)

Here the instructions:

Required Software:
R4i Firmware for R4i users:
Akaio Firmware for Ak2i AND R4i users:

Acekard Firmware for Ak2i AND R4i users:

Cheat Code Editor:

I will explain the Cheat for Akaio Firmware. For original Acekard Firmware its nearly the same. The only difference is the position of the Cheat Menu in the Firmware.

Acekard users start at step 2!

  1. Download R4i Firmware and extract it into the root of your microsd card
  2. Download Acekard/Akaio Firmware and extract it into the root of your microsd card
  3. Download the Cheat Code Editor, extract it to your favorite folder in your windows os and start it (editor instructions can be found here:
  4. First you need the game id for the game yout want to cheat. Click "Tools(T)" -> "get GameID form ROM". Open your ROM and copy the number from the popup window.
  5. Click "Code(C)" -> "add game" (or use the small ds icon)
  6. Paste the GameID in field "Game ID" on the right side and enter a Game Name
  7. Click "Code(C)" -> "add code"
  8. Enter a cheat name in the field "Cheat Name". Name it in your preferred language.
  9. Then enter the language cheat (without language name) in the field "Cheat Data". Here are the codes:

    027FFCE4 00000002
    027FFCE4 00000003
    027FFCE4 00000004
    027FFCE4 00000005

    IMPORTANT: click "Update Code" otherwise it won't be saved for the game
  10. Do this for ALL of your games
  11. Then click the save button and save the cheat file with the name "usrcheat.dat". Copy it on your microsd into the folder: "__aio\cheats" (for Akaio Firmware) , "__ak2\cheats\" (for original Acekard Firmware)
  12. For R4i users: Start your DSi and run the R4i and start the "akmenu4.nds". The Acekard Firmware will boot
  13. For Acekard users: Start your DSi and run the Acekard
  14. Select the game you want to play in your language and click Start -> Cheats -> Click the square of your language cheat to activate it (its checked then). Push "select" on your DSi to save the cheat.
  15. Start the game its now in your language
  16. Have fun!
For original Acekard firmware the cheat menu is somewhere in properties-> rom info

I hope the Acekard team will develope an auto language cheat function in there next firmware.

I have tested these cheat and it works perfectly. If you have any question I'll help you.


  1. Hello Stormworm,
    Thanks for Your information!
    You can have it a bit easier:
    If You want to play a rom called xyz.nds in your language you need a file called in the same directory. You can create that file using Windows Notepad and save it as xyz.nds
    In this file there has to be only the following information:

    ;@Data Length: 2
    227FFCE4 00000003

    If you prefer another language you have to replace german and the code for german by the code you provided above:

    027FFCE4 00000002

    027FFCE4 00000004

    027FFCE4 00000005

    You need to save a file like this for every game and it has to have exactly the same name like the ROM. So a ROM called Zeldakart(EU).ROM needs a file called Zeldakart(EU).cc to run in your language.

    Thanks to cory1492 and to Thotty89 for their ideas and help on this!

  2. Oh, I forgot:
    using the AK2i cheats have to be enabled of course. START -> Patches -> Cheat/Action Replay -> enabled

  3. Oh, sorry I mistyped myself:

    If You want to play a rom called xyz.nds in your language you need a file called in the same directory. You can create that file using Windows Notepad and save it as

    I am sorry I wrote xyz.ndz

  4. Send it to Acekard :)

  5. I'm trying Rhythms Paradise multi3 (eng/spa/ita) with no luck, any one succeeded with this?

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  10. Things You'll Need:

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  12. That's pretty cool. i never thought that this would come to DS. You did a great job. I'd share the page top my brothers. They'd love you for sure! More power top you and thank you for sharing this with us.


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  14. I can confirm that the usrcheat.dat technique also works with the Supercard DSTWO. Copy the usrcheat.dat file to the _dstwo folder.

    I tried the same technique with an Acekard 2i, but it didn't work for me. The system would just freeze when I tried to start the game. I tried it with two games with the same result, Dragon Quest V and Contact. The .cc technique didn't work either for me either. The system just seemed to ignore it.

  15. R4 DS console support multiple language, It fully featured with multi media features. I have got two console. A most interesting fact of this console is that it supports soft reset and drag and drop file option.

  16. Every gamers are aware about this features that R4 card is supports to 12 languages(correct me, if its supports more languages). R4 card is truly enhance my console and gives me thrilling experience.

  17. A nice guide to using the r4i, thank you for sharing