Donnerstag, 9. April 2009

Language Cheat Creator for Acekard 2i

Here is a tool that creates for every .nds file on your ds Card a .cc wich includes the language cheat.

This cheating tool actually only works with original Acekard Firmware NOT the AKAIO Firmware. I'll code a AKAIO version later.

The usage is very easy.
1. Download the "Language Cheat Creator for Acekard 2i" here.
2. Copy the "AK2iLanguageCheatCreator.nds" file to the root of your Micro SD Card
3. Start your DSi and the Acekard 2i
4. run AK2iLanguageCheatCreator.nds
5. Choose your favorite language and press 'A' to create the cheat files
6. Wait a while till you see "Finished.";
7. Restart your DSi and start Ak2i, enable cheats in Start -> Patches -> Cheat / Action Replay
8. Play all games in your language :)

Download here:

If you find any bugs just tell me.


  1. works perfect, thank you and my respect to you!

  2. Awesome, great program!

  3. Thanks a lot, but my acekard runs with AKAIO so I'll wait. :) But great job ! Until Acekard find a solution..

  4. Thanks a lot, it works perfectly with European games !
    But it's not the case for US multilingual games... (e.g. for the US version of Chrono Trigger that has French language, it doesn't work... But it's ok with the EU version of the game)
    Are the codes different depending on the region ?

  5. A simple and perfect idea and an even better program... works like charm, from the beginning!
    Respect! Greetz

  6. Thanx for this tool !!!

    You rocks !!

    A French Acekard DSi user ^^

  7. Simply amazing!
    It works perfectly! respect from France!

  8. Can't wait for the AKAIO version :) very good job

  9. I also have akaio and I tried to apply those changes to "_aio/cheats/cc/(filename).cc", without any success. So may there's some other way to solve this problem on akaio

  10. Hey ! I'm French, so I use my Acekard in French. But when I activate this cheat for all my ROMs, all my cheats for each rom disappear (the same way as Mario Kart, Metroid Prime...) and when I want to rebuild the cheat database, my roms load in English ! Please, help me :)
    Thanx a lot...

  11. thanks man, this is awesome. My son is happy to be able play game in french.

  12. Hi...
    Thank you for sharing such a nice information. I like this site very much. I will surely bookmark it for future use. Good Work! Keep it up!

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  14. oohhh great this also available with Acekard 2i. thanks for sharing your reviews with us.

  15. I bought mine from and I recommend this store to everyone.