Dienstag, 14. April 2009

Language Cheat Creator for AKAIO Firmware

Here is a tool for the Acekard 2i with AKAIO Firmware that creates *.cc files for all your nds files wich includes the language cheat.

Unfortunately you can't use other cheats. I'm really SORRY for that.

The usage is very easy.
1. Download the "Language Cheat Creator for AKAIO" here.
2. Copy the "AKAIOLanguageCheatCreator.nds" file to the root of your Micro SD Card
3. Start your DSi and the Acekard 2i
4. run AKAIOLanguageCheatCreator.nds
5. Choose your favorite language and press 'A' to create the cheat files
6. Wait a while till you see "Finished.";
7. Restart your DSi and start AKAIO, enable cheats in Start -> System Options, go to "Default Patch Options" with L/R Buttons and set "Cheat code usage" to Enable
8. Play all games in your language :)

Furthermore DON'T CLICK on "cheats" in the menu because the AKAIO Firmware will delete the *.cc file and the game will be in english.

Download here:

If you find any bugs just tell me.


  1. Thanks a lot I'll give it a try

  2. Thanks you so much!! (I'm french)

  3. Working fine for me, but some games (for example: Kirbys Mouseattack) won't work this way in my language. With normal firmware it went well =/

  4. hi i found a bug when game id code is :
    example :AAAA 0AAAAAAA
    then your patcher don't use 0AAAAAAA but AAAAAAA

    thanks for your work :)

  5. Hi. It would be very nice if sometime this could include English?

  6. I found usually we need to put some type of software for the acekard to read off the microsdhc. When I bought my Acekard last week, I bypassed it and went straight for the AKAIO firmware as listed above. I can vouch it's a very good UI with plenty of features and does get regular upgrades.

  7. I bought my Acekard 2i from electro-deal.com and I recommend this store to everyone.

  8. The akaio language cheat creator, on the last Akaio firmware, is not working anymore.

  9. los links estan caidos, entiendo que esto fue subido hace mucho tiempo, pero si lees esto,podrias re-subir los links. Por favor y gracias